【Brief Introduction of JIN YUAN Online Gaming】

JIN YUAN Online Gaming mainly provides online entertainment on the Internet. Since 2008, we have been committed to developing online entertainment on the Internet, so as to provide users with high quality and varied entertainment services. Leveraging on our thoughtful customer service, comprehensive technological guarantee and support, and highly efficient and robust payment platform, “JIN YUAN Online Gaming” already has a large number of registered accounts throughout Asia. JIN YUAN Online Gaming adheres firmly to the aim of “realistic perfection”. We constantly and wholeheartedly work to provide customers with even more varied recreation and entertainment.

【Online Gambling License of JIN YUAN Online Gaming 】

The legal online casino license of JIN YUAN Online Gaming is issued by the licensing and regulatory unit approved by the government of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The government of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the relevant regulatory unit strictly require the licensee company to use pre-approved software and regularly go through its operations situation. This is to ensure fairness and security for the gambling platform used by customers. Also, it will guarantee fairness and impartiality between the customers and the gambling company. This fully highlights the impartial quality and capability of JIN YUAN Online Gaming.

【Online Betting】

JIN YUAN Online Gaming provides online betting services. We also spare no effort in developing other forms of betting media so as to wholeheartedly provide customers with the fastest and most secure betting service mode. Online betting can be carried out at the betting website of JIN YUAN Online Gaming.

【Becoming an Affiliate】

We sincerely invite everyone from all areas throughout the country to be our agent. Our affiliate criteria are simple and the earnings are very good. There are many ways we can collaborate, and we can definitely give you the best proposal as long as you contact us. You only need to develop your customer base and you can leave all the rest to us! You manage your own work and you have complete independence. You control all your profits and this is the best option if you want to start your own business. We have a professional team and a 24-hour customer service hotline to provide you with assistance. We will help you to solve your problems and assist you to smoothly and successfully get on track. We will work together as a team and move towards a greater future! Please call our customer service department now for more information.

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